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Return Policy & Shipping

Cost of Shipping Services
At Spandex USA, we ship our Fabric worldwide. If you have a deadline that you need to meet, you may select our Express Shipping Options (Monday – Thursday).We ship only during business days (Monday - Thursday). Please understand that FedEx Ground Shipping orders require 24 hours to get pulled, and then queued for shipment. For all first time buyers, we can only ship the order to the valid billing address associated with the credit card used during the purchase. Shipping cost can vary and is based on the weight of the fabric, and the location of the delivery address. Shipping cost is automatically calculated during checkout process using your shipping address and approximate fabric weight. However, actual cost may be significant different, in which case we will contact you for adjustment.


Return policy


If for any reason you wish to return merchandise, you can do so within 5 calendar days from the day you receive the order. Please email and request for an RN number to authorize a return. Returns are not acceptable without prior authorization. Cut or altered fabrics that are less than 5 yards cannot be returned. Please note that if you choose to return the merchandise back, you will be responsible for the cost of the return shipping fees. For any defective or damaged fabric sent, we will pay for the domestic return shipping charge. However, the original shipping charge is non-refundable. You will be required to provide us proof of damage. For exchange, you will be required to pay for the second shipment.For international orders, customers must export to our facility at their own expense.


- Fabric has been cut, altered or damaged

- Any piece is less than 5 yards

We are not held responsible for any reactions with fabrics that may occur Testing for chlorine/sweat sensitivity or color bleeding prior to garment production is recommended.

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